Yoga at its best

Wellness Atlas prides itself in its members who are literally "the community". We believe in shared experiences, shared knowledge and shared resources, making this world a better place to live in. 

This yoga course led by Sanjana is a masterpiece in itself. Sanjana is not just an M.Sc. in Yoga by qualification, she is a personification of what Yoga promises to bring to us - a sense of calm and serenity, a stillness and peace. She and her husband have been an integral part of this community - giving, living and sharing themselves. She has built a following through her selfless sharing in the live sessions she has led and this 4 week course is at the request of all the people who wanted unlimited access to her guidance and practice. 

We hope you get the same feeling that we have had in going through these practices.

Validity Period: 30 days


Course Curriculum