A Wellness Lifestyle is much more than just being drug-free or disease-free.

The most common misconception about wellness is that it is physical fitness alone, or perhaps physical fitness coupled with nutritional awareness. Wellness instead, is about the whole person and all aspects of their lives. While physical fitness and nutrition are very important, they are only two of the multiple dimensions of wellness. Every aspect of our lives affects every other part. An emotional conflict at home will affect our day at work and may even contribute to a headache or some such symptom showing up. An improvement in our diet may result in more sustainable energy all day long, or a better night’s sleep. And so on. 
Wellness Atlas is a confluence of sorts for wellness communities around the world who believe that wellness must include all - physical, mental, spiritual, financial, emotional and social wellbeing - at the same time. To truly live a life of wellness, we must be able to gracefully balance all these dimensions in our life.


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