Advanced Stress Package: WFHM (I)

Yes, life is complicated. It is complex.

No matter how resilient or strong we are, there are times when life may knock us off our feet. None of us are exempted from daily life situations, be it in our jobs, businesses, relationships, health or finances. No matter how well you are progressing, unless you are careful, it can spiral out of control. 

This Wellness bundle focussed on Stress management includes access to the basic tools you will need to swim through this turbulent ocean. Including live workout and meditation sessions as well as anytime access programs for Yoga and meditation, you have a complete package in your hands. Combine it with access to a wellness coach to not just guide you with the right diet but who can also understand you like a friend, and it becomes truly priceless. 

Learn the Principles of creating happiness, practical methods and the tools that you can apply in your life starting with our featured "Worry free, happy me" hands-on experiential workshop and then work your way using the associated tools!! 

Happy learning and a happy you!!

Validity Period: 30 days